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One vs All “Beware Mr. Prime Minister, It’s India Impossible!”

Author Name: Ashok Anand | Format: Paperback | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

One vs All: Narendra Modi—Pariah to Paragon is all truth. Ashok Anand has dissected ages-old layers of ignorance, myths and ego with his surgical observation to let the truth breathe out of the diseased society. It shames the political class, bureaucracy and religious bigots. It unmasks an absolutely hypocrite society that clings to the past, despises change, lives in denial but notorious for hidden avarice, arrogance and lust.

Each chapter of this book will unfold many bitter truths. Have ever thought why a poor tea-seller boy, today occupying the prime minister’s chair, is not corrupt, greedy and foul-mouthed like most of the others in the country? How a “Pariah” pronounced by the anti-national political forces could become a “Paragon” of values?

The Indian society, howsoever ignorant and selfish maybe, needs space to evolve, grow and prosper. Would Narendra Modi be able to do that? Truth is very hard to digest. If brave enough, go ahead and read. Not a thriller. Better than a thriller.

One vs. All: Narendra Modi—Pariah to Paragon takes the reader to the demonic world of Indian politics, surrounded by the intrigues of a superstitious and ignorant society that loves dwelling in the past and detests any change.

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Ashok Anand

Ashok Anand writes the true story of India that has been humiliated, plundered and raped for centuries at the hands of invaders pre-independence and the democratically elected governments post-independence.

His unforgiving words for the powerful corrupt, lethargic and self-seeking society as well as the religious bigotry make him one of the most fearless writers in the world. He rips the myths of sham secularism apart and unmasks the fake practice of unity-in-diversity in India.

A social researcher, Ashok Anand, during several of his Indian odysseys, has observed in detail the social phenomenon in the light of historical facts, multiculturalism and corrupt governance systems, which seem to have affected the national psyche beyond cure.

The author lives in the United Kingdom. His contribution of over 250 articles on several socio-political issues besides health via print media as well as lectures have made him a household name in the South Asian diaspora abroad.