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Our Life is predetermined

Author Name: Chenbagam Pillai | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

These days subjects like Kundalini Awakening, The Wisdom or the Truth, Third Eye, and Different Breathing Techniques which all are mainly related to Yoga are affluently dealt by many people but with different opinions. 

The main cause for the difference of opinion is that there was no particular references like book and verses to quote their words. 

One and only source for the above subjects is ancient manuscripts like Scriptures and Arts irrespective of religion and rejoin.

Truth is one and there will not be more than one Truth whether east or West. language and culture and are not bars for the Truth. 

The main obstacle for understanding the manuscripts is that they are full of proverbs, parables, similes, etc. Sometimes, it is called as Mystic Work which cannot be understand by ordinary people. 

The mystic words are called ‘Pari Pasha or Substitute’. Nowadays, the majority of people do not know that the book that is ‘Pari Pasha’ is also available as if a dictionary for understanding the meaning of the words. The same period when the manuscripts were written, the book of Pari Pasha was written by scholars. 

Ancient Tamil scholar Thirumular said that every verse of the scriptures has two meanings as ‘common and special’. Ordinary people do not know as well do not accept this, but the scholars will accept it. 

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Chenbagam Pillai

The subject is about Kundalani, yoga, enlightenment and so on.

The author has more than 30 years experience in the subject.

He detailed everything with reference from the original manuscripts.