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Our Threatened Kin - Fur, Feather & Fin Verses on India's Vanishing Wildlife

Author Name: Dev Shah | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction | Other Details

Imagine India without her elephants or our planet bereft of tigers! The red panda and dugong may become creatures of legend. In only a few decades, this bleak scenario can become a reality. Read about these precious animals and many others and why we must save them before they disappear.

Our Threatened Kin is an engaging collection of illustrated poems on twenty-four animal species of India—from the vulnerable to the critically endangered.

Did you know that snow leopards can’t roar or that the Ganges river dolphin is blind?                               Through rhyme, both informative and entertaining, along with compelling illustrations and maps, this book:  

• explores India’s at-risk species,

• highlights their significance for Earth’s future

• alerts us to their plight driven by human activities, and

• inspires us to take action to ensure these creatures survive and thrive.

It will appeal to all—the curious child, the inquiring adult and anyone who cares about animals and the well-being of our planet.

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Dev Shah

Dev is fifteen years old and is living in Mumbai, India. Besides his love for penning poetry and going on wildlife safaris, he actively supports projects for nature preservation and sustainability. He is committed to raising awareness of environmental issues among the youth.



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