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Pearlescent Promises: Trust, Commitment, and Luxury Revelations

Author Name: Dr.Rakesh Naru | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

The research explores how the after-sales service process and quality impact customer retention in the luxury car industry, emphasizing the roles of trust and commitment. It investigates the relationship between customer care processes, customer relationship management (CRM), and customer retention, particularly in authorized car workshop.

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Dr.Rakesh Naru

Dr. Rakesh Naru, affiliated with Indian automobile Industry and the University of Oil & Petroleum Industry, has made significant contributions in the field of consumer insights, retention, and luxury. Let’s delve into some of his notable achievements:

Role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Auto Car Industry: Dr. Naru’s research sheds light on the pivotal role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in building strong customer relationships, particularly in the after-sales department. CRM, encompassing people, process, planning, and technology, plays a crucial part in enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty
Indian Luxury Industry Challenges and Growth: In a study published in the IOSR Journal of Business and Management, Dr. Rakesh Naru explored the challenges and growth prospects in the Indian luxury industry. His insights provide valuable perspectives on this dynamic sector.
Auto Industry During COVID-19: Dr. Naru investigated the impact of the pandemic on the auto industry in India. His work highlights the significance of trust and commitment as determinants during challenging times.
Influence of Service Request Process and Quality on Retention: Another area of Dr. Naru’s expertise lies in understanding how service quality and trust influence customer retention in the luxury car segment. His research emphasizes the importance of maintaining high standards in after-sales services.