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Pebbles of Imagination

Author Name: Neriya M Venkat | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

Everyone has opinions and insights. In this book, I have written about various topics that children come across in the world today which will hopefully be helpful on their journey to living a happy and healthy life. The topics can vary from hobbies to ikigai to bullying to managing stress to sustainability. In these topics, I share my thoughts to help children for being ready in the big world. This book contains some valuable information. Do read and use it wisely!

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Neriya M Venkat

Neriya is a year 7 student, currently residing in the UK. She is an independent thinker and has a passion for creating music. She has gained certifications from Trinity College of Music in vocals (Rock and Pop) and piano. During Covid lockdown she reviewed 175+ children's books encouraging children to read books to keep them occupied during the lockdown. The books she reviewed were from a variety of themes including classics, adventure, comics, social subjects such as racism, refugees, empathy etc. Her book reviews are published in Instagram handle @jarofreviews. Her first book titled “pebbles of imagination” is a collection of ideas and thoughtful reflections on a range of topics that are relevant and appeals to children. As a writer, Neriya believes that varied themes and narrative style makes her first book an easy and impactful read to children between 8 and 11 years old. She hopes that her book will inspire children to read and reflect on issues that they come across every day. 



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