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Poetic Muse An Anthology of Poems

Author Name: Darshika Morey, Shreya Bhatt & Vijayamalathi Mani | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

This book is a collection of poems of various themes all revolving around the life may it be practical, imaginary, fiction, emotions, fun, happiness, motivation, inspiration, etc. It consists of various shades of life from non-living to living things and have euneirophrenia connection within ourselves hidden and creating mystery of the soul. This book especially evokes about the feeling or emotions & facts that the already in and the lovely bond of creativity with different kinds of poetry, it describes to be down to earth to the rising environment and society. 

MUSE is nothing but to think about something for a time without noticing what is happening around and co-authors have beautifully penned their thoughts with the same feel and will also make the reader get innovated & to reach new things which already exists in them.

Poetry is a collection of lines, words are emotions to be always someone's mine, but with muse it makes the sense go all around best with flying memories making it absolutely fine.

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Darshika Morey, Shreya Bhatt & Vijayamalathi Mani

Darshika from Nagpur, Maharashtra is an ambivert girl. She usually writes about love, broken heart, healing, self-love which mainly inspires, tells a story about life and spread colours of vivid emotions in the air. She is a co-author in more than 25 Anthologies, compiled many of her own and still many in process. She loves to paint the canvas of paper with her colourful words. She is also the founder & Manager of Solaced Pentales Community, @solaced_pentales on Instagram which also help budding writers publish their solo books & compiled books.

You can take a look at her poems, quotes, micro tales and books on Instagram by visiting @buddingsolace or by typing ‘Darshika Morey’ or ‘Darshika Morey Books’ in Google search box.

Shreya is an Elysian writer revolving around the versatile themes and genres with her rainbow shaded penning through heart and the pearls in eyes during the thoughts. Basically, flashing in dark with twinkle light on the virtuality of world, love, affection, dedication, psychological, imaginary, adventure etc. genres. One can easily reach her @ _shreya_1063 and @ _duendo_._

Vijayamalathi Mani completed her Bachelor degree in English literature. She engrossed inking quotes and poetry. She is a pluviophile. Glance her musings on YQ @Violet vibes. She wrote more than 3000 quotes on YQ. She currently compiling an anthology captioned "Miene Instinkate”. She is the core member of Solaced pentacles, World of Logophiles, Inner Souls. She co-authored in 150+ anthologies. She believes via writings can win others heart. See her thoughts on Instagram @a_ariharasudhan.