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Poetreat Enriching Young Creative Minds

Author Name: Monisha Narang | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

Poetry Helps. Just begin. Start Early. 

This book is for young children who can read, or be read out to. It has been written in very simple words in a storytelling manner, so it is fun. 

Poetry is Word Economy. In this book, children learn the power of expression by using few words. Not a single word is wasted. Each word is important.

Reading poetry improves our vocabulary and memory. Poetry improves critical thinking because it forces a reader to think and analyze. This analytical thinking develops the creative part of our brains. These creative thinking skills give us greater control over our language and communication. The reader connects with the poet by visualizing the rationale of the poet’s emotions and thoughts, thus developing empathy and insight.

Some of the poems in this book are like the modern day Panchatantra or Amar Chitra Katha of poems – they teach important life lessons subtly without sounding like someone is asking them to do something which could put them off. Poems like Mobile Phones or the Internet, which talk about why one should not use too much of it, or the poem Books, where one understands the importance of reading, teaches the child about  topics that the parents have time and again tried to talk to their children about. Each poem has a colourful illustration made by a 12 year old, so it leaves a powerful impact on the child.

Go ahead. Gift this book to your child or any child you know.  It’s different.

Poetry helps. Just begin. Start Early.

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Monisha Narang

After gaining an education at the best of schools in India, Monisha Narang went on to complete her graduation in Economics and post graduation in Business Administration. She started her career in Advertising and Brand Management and then joined the British Civil Services in London which she quit after working there for more than a decade to relocate to India. She now follows her passion as a Voice Artist, Actor, Model and an internationally certified Life Transformation Coach. You might have watched her in several Bollywood films and television commercials. You might have heard her voice on the Radio, TV, Digitally, Phone, Elearning, Podcast and  a lot of other mediums of communication. You might have seen her in print ads in newpapers, magazines and digitally. She blogs on and podcasts her show called “My Rooh My Soul.” She has also been a Travel Show Anchor and News Reader. Her mission as a Life Transformation Coach is to inspire millions by becoming the best version of themselves and to achieve their potential.

Mother to two kids and Aunty to many, Monisha has had a lot of hands on experience with kids of all ages. She understands how important communication is in this day and age, and tries to instil the same in her own children and others she meets. Her love for rhyming her words and making a story out of it, comes from the fact that she has been inspired by country music wherein each song is a story in itself. Similarly, each of her poems is a story in itself. At school, she won several Poetry Reading Competitions, because at a very early age, she learnt to read aloud in class, modulating and punctuating her sentences well.

Monisha comes from a family of educators and corporate honchos.

She speaks English, Hindi, Bengali and some Punjabi



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