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POST-INDEPENDENCE INDIA (1947-2022) - A PERSPECTIVE The Story of a Country With a Great Heritage, Hopes, Aspirations, Failures, Turmoil, Resilience and a Bright Future

Author Name: R. S. Ahuja | Format: Paperback | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

POST-INDEPENDENCE INDIA (1947-2022)—A PERSPECTIVE is the story of the nation’s challenges, failures, turmoil, and of her weathering all storms to emerge as a stable secular democracy, thwarting the pressures of the powerful countries. The perspective portrayed here is based on the author’s personal experiences and observations of major events and processes substantiated by extensive readings on the subject.

The book details India’s trials and triumphs since her independence 75 years ago. It has been a checkered saga in realizing the dream of uplifting the fate of a population of over a billion people with diverse religions, faiths, beliefs, languages, cultures. All while constantly facing two not so friendly neighbors – Pakistan and China, threatening along the western and northern borders. 

Far from a textbook of history, this book would be of interest to both - the Indian diaspora growing up around the world, and to anyone curious about the Indian subcontinent’s multidimensional history. 

The narration is set in the backdrop of Undivided India’s struggle for freedom after 190 years of British domination and the socio-political realities of the pluralistic nation of India. It showcases the fight for independence and the Partition of 1947 that created two nations—India and Pakistan, the latter breaking up again to create the nation of Bangladesh in 1971. 

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R. S. Ahuja

R.S. Ahuja, an octogenarian, and author of ‘The Endless Learning Curve’, is forever young, curious, and optimistic at heart. Despite his tender age at the time of India’s Partition, he vividly remembers his family’s fleeing from Montgomery (Pakistan) to India. Mr. Ahuja has firsthand witnessed the shaping of India’s post-independence history. He wanted to share the story of this functioning democracy with a neutrality of a perceiver, free of prejudice and malice. Bombayite at heart, Mr. Ahuja now lives in Texas, USA, and likes to stay in touch with his friends and readers around the world.



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