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Potatoism And another thought provoking story

Author Name: Aadil Attarwala | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Ever picked up a book with an absurd name and been skeptical to buy it, well I guess this qualifies. Here is a short book for the amazingly fast world we live in. If you never heard of a Potato talk about love or wanting to overthrow a government, you are in for a surprise. ‘Potatoism’ promises a refreshing perspective towards writing and the world.

‘Adolescence’ reflects the journey of the transformation of thoughts, opinions and the body of an individual. The story talks about objects and events that we see, hear or experience everyday, never giving it a second thought. Serving true to its name, Adolescence is a compilation of personal events of an adolescent with a tinge of fiction.

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Aadil Attarwala

Aadil Attarwala, born and brought up in Ahmedabad, India, has always been intrigued by the metamorphosis of the mind. Reflected in the stories he created with Lego to the experiences he captured in his poetry, he constantly expressed his imagination of a world beyond the one we see. An observer and enquirer by nature makes him a highly perceptive thinker. His stories transpose the reader into imaginary spaces that interact with the real world and question its existence at every point. His interest and knowledge in economics reflect in his plots and explicit views conveyed on aspects such as politics and society. He believes in infesting the idea of change and challenging the capability of the mind to travel to regions unexplored.

Written by Sharmeen Attarwala



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