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Author Name: SRI JAYAKUMARI AMMA | Format: Paperback | Genre : Arts, Photography & Design | Other Details

The path to enlightenment is seemingly simple theoretically.

A true seeker attempts to bring to action everything he reads and understands from scriptures. Throughout this journey of enlightenment, he crafts his own understandings and consistently tests them in related world life experiences. With each concept experientially internalized, he evolves to the next stage to begin unravelling higher dimensional concepts.

The process gets complex when concepts are wrongly understood, leading to less desired results and outcomes. Hope is lost, and individuals begin to question the essence of life, rephrase its purpose and sometimes even doubt the existence of God.

This book brings hope back in its original form, to instill within the true seekers a sense of direction and commitment to attain the most desired state of wisdom and inner peace.

Sages and rishis were role models of yesteryear. Today’s role models are not poised as rishis who thrived in solitude. Rather, they are the swift and yet peace loving souls, as with the case of Prabhas, the veteran Bahubali hero.

The author exemplifies the spiritual principles towards enlightenment through the work and acts of the established actor.


Interestingly Prabhas is not just a reel hero but a real hero. The book outlines why.

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For the last twenty years, Sri Jayakumari Amma has been extensively involved in transforming individuals with her simplistic and life-changing spiritual classes. Pivoted around Vedic tenets, her classes equip individuals with the right knowledge, enabling them to alter their karmic patterns and redesign their life.

The Gayathri temple constructed by Amma in Tirupur is in the shape of a lotus and reiterates the Tatvamasi concept—God lies within oneself. The numerous divine miracles and the related experiences have been published as Gayathri Kovil Sthala Varalaru

Her book on Sri Vidyai focuses on the pathway to Mukti through the institution of the family. By maintaining the well-being of the body and mind and leading a family life based on true knowledge and love, one is empowered to make shifts in the universe and consequently attain enlightenment.

Her other spiritual books include Vidhiyodu Vilaiyadu, Chakra Yogam and Anubhava Jnanam.


Being in a state of bliss through constant unison with her soul, Amma rests all her work as an act of God and lives a simple and peaceful life.