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Prana-Vritti Gift Yourself a New Life

Author Name: His Holiness Shri Aasaanji | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

Prana-Vritti - The Ultimate Power to Regain Your Lost Health

Prana-Vritti is a powerful energy technique designed to trigger inbuilt instructions to activate the body’s own inner intelligence & natural healing power. Prana-Vritti increases the flow of life energy throughout the body & promotes the functions of all the vital energies existing in the subtle body. The practice assures the prevention and cure from several incurable and irreversible health conditions! It is the ultimate method to redefine your health and happiness and be free from diseases, disorders, and disability to achieve success and peace in all aspects of life.

This is a great book which  talks about the Science of Prana-Vritti, benefits of practicing Prana-Vritti and many more Life-Changing Secrets to bring positive changes in every aspect of Life. 


Unleash the Power Within You!

Atma-Dhyana is the extraordinary science of inner-transformation to unleash a human’s ultimate power and create abundance and fulfilment in all aspects of life. Atmayoga is not a physical Yoga, it involves no body movement, and attunes the body, mind, & Atma (the inner-self) with the supreme self to experience the flow of abundant energy and divine communion with the universal consciousness. It is a life-transforming meditation & mind-tuning psychic practice to attain conscious connection with the inner-self and experience the Divine within.

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His Holiness Shri Aasaanji

ATMAYOGI HIS HOLINESS SHRI AASAANJI is a world-renowned non-religious contemporary spiritual teacher and a master of inner-science and ancient healing. An enlightened master, a mystic and a healer hailing from Southern India, Shri Aasaanji is widely known for his service to humanity as a leader in the science of inner-transformation and spiritual awakening, who has brought miraculous changes to the millions of lives he has touched.

This book is an effort to reach out to the benefits of this transformational science to all who read it. It is an invitation to change, to heal, and to get answers to questions we struggle with throughout our lives. These powerful and life-transforming healing practices, created by Shri Aasaanji by his profound spiritual saadhaanas and explained in a very simple way, can be integrated into our busy lives for unfailing results. Each of these techniques is derived through deep meditation and many years of meticulous research. Shri Aasaanji lucidly explains the life-altering benefits. A lot of his followers are from the medical fraternity, who also have stumbling blocks in their healing professions. This mystic healer and yogi has embarked on a journey that will touch lives of millions.



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