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Promotion Secrets You Never Knew Build Job Promotion Mindset, Know Study Acceleration Formula, Get Road Maps for Success, And Advance in Your Career

Author Name: Prabin Sharma | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Dare to dream!

Are you preparing for your promotion examinations?

Are you planning to move up in your career ladder?

You will know the study acceleration formula in this book if you study for written tests and face problems with retention of relevant information and facts.

You will get a roadmap for sure success in Group Discussions if you prepare for Group Discussions and face the problems of taking initiatives, leads and low confidences.

You will learn the proven plan to excel and enjoy your upcoming Personal Interviews if you hate appearing in Personal Interviews, feel bored and think those are obstacles in your career growth.

Who will not want to build a powerful Promotion Plan in 7 days?

You will learn to build your powerful Promotion Plan in 7 days or fewer by reading this book.

In this comprehensive unconventional book, you will also learn Promotion Secrets and, you will master the following essential aspects of the promotions:

♥ 9 Study Skills and Techniques
♥ 7 Group Discussions secrets
♥ 10 Personal Interview secrets
♥ Promotion Mindset
♥ Review and Revision plans
♥ Goal Setting in Career Growth

And you will also benefit from case studies and bonuses topics on:

7 things your boss expects from you to consider your promotion.
★ Time and stress management before, during, and after the Promotion Process.
★ Self-Motivation for studying and ensuring success.

If you desire to advance in your career, pick up your copy of this book.

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Prabin Sharma

Prabin Sharma is the bestseller author of the books-THE WAY I LEARN and NEW YEAR 21. Promotion Secrets You Never Knew is his 3rd book. He is a blogger, memoirist, storyteller, experienced Senior Banker, public speaker, mentor, personal growth and productivity expert.

He writes because he loves to share his knowledge and experiences with the world and to inspire individuals to take immense actions. He enjoys writing on personal growths, career accelerations, financial awareness, Self-help, productivity and purpose-driven life. He also loves writing short stories, memoirs, poems and fictions.

He has more than a decade of experiences as a banker and is skilled in Preventive Vigilance, Risk Management, MSME Finance, Credit Analysis, NPA Recovery Matters, Customer Services, Rural and Retail Banking.

He is a strong professional with a Master of Science (M.Sc.)  focused in Zoology from Nalanda Open University and a CAIIB (Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Banking & Finance). He has also qualified the (1) Certificate Examination in Customer Service & Banking Codes and Standards, (2) Certificate Examination in SME Finance for Bankers, (3) Certified Course in Anti-Money Laundering and KYC (4) Certificate Course in Digital Banking, and (5) Certificate in Prevention of Cyber Crime and Fraud Management.

He believes and advocates the concept of ‘I am because we are’. The symbiotic relationship is the reason for our existence.

He trusts in Karma and wishes everyone Sat-Chit-Ananda. He emphasizes the importance of integrity in work and life.

‘Who am I?’ - It has always been his quest since childhood. It resulted in many sleepless nights spent reading all available books. It made him an avid reader and also forced him to write a personal journal. After incubation for 20 years, he published his first book in the year 2021.

He says, “I am a ray of hope for my father, pride for mother, love for a daughter, strength for wife, a banker for relatives and writer and philosopher for friends. I received genes of ‘respecting freedom’ from my father and ‘trusting endurance’ from my mother. My wife and my daughter taught me abundance and purity and made me aware of a micro and macro form of life.”

He is the father of two divine daughters and a husband of a goddess wife. He enjoys traveling, reading, watching movies, and listening to instrumental music.



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