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Punarphoo Saturn Moon Conjuction

Author Name: Tirupur S. GopalaKrishnan (GK) | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

Punarphoo is the combination of moon and Saturn. One is a very fast-moving planet and the other one is – on the contrary – a very slow-moving planet. When these two planets join together, they cause ‘Punarphoo Dosha’. This Punarphoo conjunction affects our relationships with people very badly. At the same time, it does not affect our profession or business. Punarphoo gives an obstacle on any auspicious occasion but eventually gives very good success. 

What is Punarphoo? How it is formed? What are its effects? How does it cause impediments? All these have been remarkably explained in this book. Despite much positivity in the horoscopes, the natives suffer a lot. This book will unravel many unknown and hidden facts in astrology. At the same time, Punarphoo is also a boon and gives immense benefits to the natives. The book explains how it is beneficial. Punarphoo’s benefits have been elucidated with umpteen example charts of the global achievers. This book will give you clarity and will certainly elevate you to the next level in astrology.

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Tirupur S. GopalaKrishnan (GK)

S. GopalaKrishnan (GK) is an exponent in all forms of astrology. Not only that. He authors books on various topics and techniques of astrology. He shares openly the nuances of his astrological expertise and experience for the benefit of his readers. His lucid narrations coupled with simple and crafty rules and procedures guide and enlighten the reader. They teach the beginner and sharpen the experienced. GK, as he is affectionately called, conducts regular classes on different disciplines of astrology and holds annual astrological seminars. 

He has prepared astrological software for both PC and mobile phone users. They are simple, self-explanatory and easy to operate. He has penned books on the Chandra Naadi, medical astrology, Jamakol Prasannan, predictive techniques of transit planets and degree-wise proximity of planets in English and about 47 books in Tamil. His books decode the unknown astrological secrets and also offer new insights into the already-known facts. This makes the predictions easier, simpler and more accurate. It will not be an exaggeration if one says that GK is a one-stop solution for all astrological knowledge and needs and a milestone in astrological writings. In a nutshell, he practices and preaches astrology.



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