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Purvi's Creative Odyssey A Story of Raising Young Artists

Author Name: Anuradha Ghosh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

In a world of strict educational norms, Anuradha's heartwarming narrative, Purvi's Creative Odyssey, challenges conventional wisdom and offers a remarkable journey through the life of Purvi, a young girl navigating the complex labyrinth of creativity, remedial classes, and self-discovery.

What can parents do when their artistically inclined child shows little to no interest in their academics? How does one excite a child about learning basic day to day skills? 

Purvi's story is not just about a child's struggle to find her place in a demanding world; it's a beacon for parents and caregivers. It underscores the profound impact their words and actions have on a child's emotional well-being, development, and, ultimately, their success. 

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Anuradha Ghosh

Anuradha Ghosh, a wordsmith since the tender age of 10, embarked on her writing journey with a collection of short stories, often shared exclusively with her close friends. Over the years, her passion for storytelling blossomed, expanding to include longer narratives and soulful poetry.

An unwavering advocate for mental health, Anuradha's written works carry the profound undertones of this cause that is close to her heart. Her commitment to raising awareness and promoting emotional well-being shines through in her prose.

Besides being a seasoned writer, Anuradha has recently discovered her talent as an artist. She's ventured into the world of art with a sense of exploration and an open heart, experimenting with textures and various techniques that breathe life into her creative expressions.

In 2020, Anuradha marked a significant milestone by self-publishing her debut book, "In Sickness and In Health," which is now available on Amazon. Her writing and artwork continue to inspire others as she regularly contributes to mental health content through her LinkedIn platform (@anuradhaghoshwriter), and through her Instagram page (@authoranuradhaghosh).