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Python Programs for Astronomical Solutions Planetary Positions, Lunar and Solar Eclipses, Pictures, Videos and Maps

Author Name: Manohar Narayan Purohit | Format: Paperback | Genre : Computers | Other Details

This book gives ready-made scripts of Python coding for the solution to all practical problems in Astronomy such as finding Planetary positions at any instant of time on any date, Detailed calculation of lunar and solar eclipses, past or future, with a production of visual simulations like videos, pictures and maps. It gives insight into the technics of Python-programming and in-depth knowledge of Astronomical calculations. It is a must for every astronomical enthusiast and students of computer programming.

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Manohar Narayan Purohit

Manohar Purohit, born in Karnataka (1940) and now settled in Solapur (Maharashtra), is a retired Engineering-teacher. He taught the subjects of structural-Engineering in Polytechnics and Engineering colleges and guided many students for MPSC examinations.

He is a life-member of the Institution of Engineers (India), MIE, and the Indian Society for Technical Education, MISTE.

Music, Mathematics, Astrology, Astronomy, reading Sanskrit and Kannada epics and Computer programming are his hobbies. 

In music, he has earned the titles of ‘Sangeet Alankar’ and ‘Sangeet Kalaaravinda’. He plays many musical instruments like Sitar, Santoor, Violin, Flute, Harmonium and Tabla.

In Astrology, he is ‘Jyotishya Visharad’ and ‘Jyotishya Shastri’.

He is a Mathematical Astronomer and a successful writer. His book ‘A Guide to Astronomical Calculations’ has already been popular in the Astronomical enthusiast community world-wide. This book is another ‘Do It Yourself’- gift to the Astronomical Programming enthusiasts.



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