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Rage Within

Author Name: Ron Billimoria | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Raj Melhotra is a brilliant Indian billionaire devastated by a tragedy befallen his family. He struggles to cope with the loss till, one day, he decides to take vengeance using the only weapon he knows best - money.

But his enemy is not a person or an organization but an entire country - Pakistan. How does one take revenge against an adversary with almost unlimited resources?

He recruits a brilliant analyst, Rashi Singh, who is on the run for murder. Together, they devise a plan to leverage Raj's enormous wealth to wreak mayhem and havoc on the enemy country.

Along the way, they have to deal with various shady characters, including a Mumbai don, corrupt bureaucrats, greedy businessmen, a megalomaniac Pakistani politician, and their country's intelligence service.

Their adversary is the cunning and dangerous chief of the ISI, who is determined to stop them at all costs. He is just a step behind them as they race to complete their plan and achieve their ultimate goal - the economic destruction of Pakistan.

It's the ultimate Goliath versus Goliath story.

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Ron Billimoria

Ron Billimoria is a Mumbai-based businessman. A computer programmer by training, he is passionate about technology and its impact on our world. His writing reflects the combination of human nature and technology to create an explosive mix.