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Rahu & Kethu The Life Changing Planets

Author Name: Tirupur S. GopalaKrishnan (GK) | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details
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Astronomically, the intersection points of the sun and moon – on their movements in the celestial sphere – are called Rahu and Kethu. They are also called the north node and south node.

Rahu and Kethu are unimaginably huge dark shadows in space. During their transit, when their shadow falls on any planet, that planet’s all-effects will be completely altered or diverted by Rahu and Kethu. Rahu and Kethu are solely responsible for a beggar to become a millionaire and a millionaire to become a beggar.

This book elaborately discusses the effects of Rahu and Kethu. In the horoscope, how Rahu and Kethu are positioned, how the planets and the houses (Bhavas) are affected by them in the birth chart are all analysed in this book.

How and when the natives will be affected? To what extent they will be affected? It is because of the birth chart, the transit movement and the Dhasa Bhukthi of Rahu and Kethu? They are all clearly explained in this book with many birth charts.

Kindly read this book thoroughly, analyse it with your known people’s horoscope, and experience the result. It will surely give you goosebumps! 

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Tirupur S. GopalaKrishnan (GK)

Tirupur S. GopalaKrishnan (GK) is qualified in many types of astrology. Within a period of twenty-five years, he has trained more than 27,000 students in various methods of astrology.

Chozhi Prasannam, Ashta Mangala Prasannam, Jaamakol Prasannam, Thamboola Prasannam are some of the types of Prasannam taught by him to his students. He has written nine books on Prasannam. He has created new methods in astrology, given training in these methods and published them as books. He has also created a new method of Naadi Astrology, namely, ‘Chandra Naadi.’ He has trained students and also released books in many languages like Tamil, Hindi, English, Kannada and so on.

He has also written and published the ‘Medical Astrology,’ both in English and Tamil. People from many states and countries have learned this from him in a very easy manner.

He is now writing his 50th book. He aims to write one hundred books and familiarize people with astrology.