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RAMAYANA 3000 A Science Fiction Novel That Combines Evolutionary Theory with Hindu Religious Philosophy

Author Name: SHANKAR S | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

A Futuristic Science Fiction Novel that combines Evolutionary Theory with Hindu Religious Philosophy.

The basic premise is that humans become domesticated by Robots. This domestication process profoundly changes human relationships from monogamy to polygamy, eventually leading to civilizational collapse and tribalistic barbarism.

The human domestication process is explained by illustratively comparing it to the domestication of the wild fowl. In the wild, the jungle fowl mate monogamously. The male builds the nest and provides for the hen while the eggs are being hatched.

Among the domesticated breeds, mating is polygynous with roosters fighting each other to climb to the top of the pecking order. Domesticated roosters have regressed and no longer possess the skills necessary to build nests or gather food.

Ramayana 3000 deals with the struggle of Ram and his companions as they try to rebuild a new human civilization.

The book places strong emphasis on marriage as the foundation of civilization.

You can read more online at www.ramayana-3000.com

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Shankar S is a Software Engineering graduate, who passed out from College of Engineering, Guindy in the year 2005. He then worked as a Software Engineer at Trilogy, Bangalore and later at Google, Bangalore.

He subsequently acquired an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from IIM (Lucknow) in the year 2010.

The author went on to pursue his passion for software by working on building fantastic software products.

Shankar has always been an avid reader and a fan of science fiction novels. He resides in Bangalore with his wife and child.