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Reading Fate Role and Signification of Planets in Assessing Horoscope

Author Name: Shivakumar D M | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

This book is the product of over forty years of study, research, and experience. It introduces elements of traditional, stellar, Nadi and Horary Astrology also.The Signification of Planets is not only an authoritative and easy way to read but also an authenticated and accurate approach. It is perfect science.

In addition to revealing detailed information about every incident, event, personalities, abilities, health, career, marriage, success and winning etc. this book gives answer to any kind of question that is raised. Understanding of planets and delineation of the charts is a difficult task unless the signification of the planets is properly understood.

An Astrologer should be able to predict the chart by mere looking of the chart but not by framing many other charts like Navamsha, Sapthamamsha, Dwadasamsha etc. This is possible only in this system by knowing signification of planets.

The sages have given so many hints for prediction by signification of planets. Here, I have categorically arranged the same for easy understanding of the reader.

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Shivakumar D M

Writer of the Signification of planets Sri. Shivakumar D M, born on 27-4-1952, graduated from Mysore University during 1971, and post graduated in Political Science from Karnataka University.

He joined Revenue Service and served in different capacities and retired as Tahsildar (Adm) during the year 2012.

His interest in Astrology emerged during 1975 and then as he himself says that he was student of Astrology. Since 1975 he is doing research on Astrology. His continuous study and research are result of this book.

He was married during 9.5.1979 to Smt. C. Vishala who was daughter of a Special Deputy Commission and she also graduated from Mysore University. 

Sri. Shivakumar D M has got two daughters, one by name D.M.S. Poornima and another by name D.M.S. Prathibha. Both are engineers and their husbands are also Engineers and all are well placed. 

As he himself expressed that the blessings of mother always bring prosperity to any person indicates that how much he respects elders and parents. We hope, let so many books are published by him for the benefit of public.