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“Realize Within A Blink of an Eye.”

by Suhail Ahmed

Format: Paperback

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Here, we are at the end of several untold realities, where by now you would have

figured out where it went wrong at the first instance? Now that you have come to know the reality within a blink of an eye, you can change your destiny and enlighten your life to become a celebrity at your own pace. So don’t just read and sit back until the lightning strikes. Before it strikes, make a move and re-write your destiny the way you want it to be. Every sentence inside this book somewhere or somehow relates to something. It is all within yourself. Open your eyes and re-create your own fate which has already been sealed.

Shaik Suhail Ahmed, an Engineering Graduate, who recites in the Southern part of India, was born on April 4, 1996 with a cluster of dreams in him; a creative personality with mysterious thoughts whose vision is to create a name for himself by just holding a pen and a paper. He is a person who thinks simplicity is the best form of humanity. “Changing the lives of people with words is much better than taking their lives with swords,” is what he believes in.



“Realize Within A Blink of an Eye.”





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