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Rebuilding Hope with Love Parkinson’s Disease - The Friend I Chose to Leave Behind

Author Name: Kartik Janakiram | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

Life with Kartik was good, however, seeing him with Parkinson’s was difficult and painful. I had to learn to understand it and muster the strength to fight it on a daily basis. I would get confused when Kartik would tell me that he is stuck. Stuck? I could not understand. Sometimes the medicine worked well and at other times I have seen him in immense pain. According to me, medicines should always work then why would they not?

Every dosage he took, it was like fighting for his life because it takes forty-five minutes to one hour for the medicines to work, then the body cramps and slowly releases His strong will power helped him to overcome and fight against this cruel disease. I often wondered from where does he get the spirit and energy to keep pushing himself day after day. I realized that he keeps pushing himself because I was the driving force. 

I always asked myself a question, ‘If something happened to me, would Kartik leave me and the answer is, never’. He gives me so much respect, love and freedom. Life is NOT always full of roses. I chose to live with Kartik and walk by his side through this journey of life. LOVE, RESPECT, COMPROMISE AND UNDERSTANDING are the ‘Keys to the wonderful journey called marriage’.

Arti Singh

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Kartik Janakiram

Born into a family of builders, I was curious and imagnitive. My childhood days were normal and thing began to change when I was eighteen years old. Full of enthusiasm and a spirited youngster, I was hit hard by a speedy train onset of young parkinson`s disease, that caused a road block. Every day I woke up in pain and was on continuous medications. I knew that I had to secure my future when I was young. I made up my mind that the mall in Mysore would be my first and last project. I had to make myself financially secure as my health was bound to fail as I grew older.

My life changed when I married Arti. She is an angel in my life. The love of my wife gave me the strength and courage to fight this battle and now I am getting better. Without her I would be lost and I would not be writing this book. My journey towards life as a new chapter began with Arti. Today I have taken it upon myself to learn acupuncture and I have started treating myself with Arti`s help. 

‘Life does not end because we have problem – rather it is a new beginning as we know what we can do. Life is meant to be lived and not to quit’.