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Recycle and Grow Rich! How to set up a profitable and scalable e-waste recycling business

Author Name: D B Prabhu | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

e-waste recycling is getting a lot of glamour by virtue of the press. Almost every week I see some articles talking about e-waste and more often than not they talk about two aspects – (a) the pollution caused by e-waste mishandling and (b) the gold and other precious metals content in e-waste. The second part invariably attracts the entrepreneurial mind. Such entrepreneurs, both existing or aspiring then start looking up a lot of literature on the internet which only helps in overwhelming them even more.

Having been instrumental in setting up more than 20 e-waste recycling facilities for my customers, and having consulted many more, I have a reasonable insight into the business and am equipped with the correct and relevant knowledge. This book will help the readers to eliminate the clutter from the data available in the public domain and absorb only important and useful information. 

The objective of writing this book is to help fellow entrepreneurs understand the nuances of setting up an e-waste recycling business. After reading this book, the reader will be able to understand the e-waste market, existing e-waste handling practices, International regulations, India specific regulations, the e-waste business model and its variations, risks and risk mitigation methods. Apart from the core domain knowledge of e-waste recycling, he/she will also be able to get a detailed insight into the actual setting up of the business and ideas to run it successfully.

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D B Prabhu

D.B. Prabhu alias Nahoosh was born in 1972 in Dombivli - a then-obscure distant suburb of Mumbai. He spent his childhood in rural areas of western India where he learned at all places other than at school. At the age of 5, he ran away from his vernacular school to study English, a fascination for which he derived from his doctor neighbour. Three years later Nahoosh was penning his first creative expressions in his mother tongue, the same Marathi language that he had escaped from.

He switched on to his official name - Dwarkanath Prabhu - at the age of ten when he moved back to Mumbai from where he completed his schooling. Prabhu later completed his graduation in engineering, Executive MBA and a full-time Masters degree - Post-Graduation in public policy and management from IIM Bangalore, arguably one of the best management schools in Asia. During his IIM days, he worked extensively in the field of technological interventions for social change, education, poverty alleviation, and environmental amelioration and published a few papers in peer-reviewed academic journals on the subjects. 

Prabhu’s career started and flourished in the information technology industry where he worked as a business - technology optimization consultant for more than two decades. He further expanded his horizons by co-founding Respose Waste Management and Research Pvt Ltd, a company dedicated to creating profitable green entrepreneurial ventures.



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