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Reflections of a Righteous Sinner

by Melvin.J.L

Format: Paperback

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Our Halo is destined to shine with light and brightness, but the light does not get its true worth until we have learnt from the experience that the darkest shades bring upon us. This book gives us a summarized snap shot into the various simple aspects of our daily lives that influence us each and every day. Give the needed thinking to your minds by taking the view point of the righteous and the sinner, and listen to the voice of your hearts conviction and be your own judge to know what the mind has accepted you to be across the 50 reflections of this book.

MELVIN.J.L a stock trader and financial advisor by profession, was born and raised in India’s cosmopolitan city, Bangalore. He holds a Masters degree in International Business and is passionate about training and advising individuals on financial planning and wealth creation. He is a self made crisis manager and with aspirations of amputating blind beliefs and rigid societal norms this is his first attempt to create psychological awareness by critically examining the various aspects of human life.



Reflections of a Righteous Sinner





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