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Return Journey of a Stranger

Author Name: Suhas Inamdar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Is the destination of our life already fixed, or is it a result of several coincidences? What impact do our actions have in shaping our future? Is life like a small boat drifting aimlessly in a vast ocean without sails and a compass?

Welcome to ‘Return Journey of a stranger’, a book based on human endurance to rise above the surrounding adversities. It talks about how a determined person can bring about a tremendous positive change in the lives of millions of people in the world.

This is the story of Chandrakant, a 12-year-old illiterate boy from Mumbai slums. One day, he is falsely implicated in a murder charge. In sheer panic, he flees from the scene and unknowingly boards a train, which takes him to New Delhi.

That one move commences a new phase in his life, which is full of struggle and challenges at every step. However, he overcomes every difficulty with courage and determination. He gets lucky to meet some individuals, who believe in him and his capabilities, and assist him in his efforts to get on with life. He has only two strong desires … to go back to his slums and secondly to clear his name of the murder accusation.

At the age of 18, Chandu learns how to read and write and starts his career as an office boy in a real estate company. He soon becomes a voracious reader and reads lot of books on philosophy, history and management. By the age of 24, with his extraordinary performance, he becomes the CEO of that company.

He faces the ultimate test of his life when the company asks him to study the feasibility of demolishing the same slums in Mumbai where he had grown up. However, he cannot go there as Chandrakant, because he is already facing murder charge.

That marks the beginning of his return journey as a stranger…!

Does he go back to his slums? How does he extricate himself from the murder charge? Would he allow the demolition of his slums? Does he change with times, enjoying his new high profile status in the elite society?

‘Return journey of a stranger’ is a fast-paced story depicting the tenacity of an underprivileged boy to think big against all odds.


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Suhas Inamdar

Suhas Inamdar is back with his seventh book. His earlier books have dwelled on the important aspects such as happiness, power of positive thinking, success and philosophy. He strongly believes that values shape the character of a person and thus accords great importance to values. He voices his values through his writing, which inspires people to be good and to do good. Through this book, too, he hopes to spread an important message that the real super power lies within oneself, in the form of self-confidence. Everyone has a genie – one has to learn to utilize his powers for achieving success and contentment in life.

Suhas Inamdar hails from India and currently lives in Dubai.

He can be reached at