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Reverberating Silence

by WG CDR NB Nair (RETD)

Format: Paperback

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The story is based on the silent sacrifices of millions of freedom fighters. Silence makes maximum noise! Their silence roared and reverberated in the hearts and minds of everyone, including the firmament. The novel depicts Oman as a representative of thousands of such people, whose names could not find place in the books of history of our freedom struggle despite their yeomen services. Tanki, his bosom affectionate and devoted wife, was the silent sufferer, living in the shadow of her intrepid husband. Her love for her husband stands out prominently in the backdrop of his unshaken patriotism for his country as well as the saga of his sublime sacrifices.

Let us salute all those great souls and their sacrifices!

A retired senior officer of the Indian Air Force, Wing Commander N B Nair, has a unique personality. He has been a soldier who held a gun in one of his hands and a pen in his other. After his retirement, he chose to teach Management in various institutions. He has also been working as a Management Consultant.

He is a versatile writer of his own right who has published eight books in English and two more books, biographical novels, are awaiting publication. The first three books dealt with the various aspects of human behavior. Of those, the book Bionomics of Behaviourism stands out. His latest book, The Universe—A Grand Phenomenon, published a couple of months, is a sumptuous meal that gives food for thought for those who want to know about our universe; besides, it provides a glimpse of the philosophy of human life and the concept of Soul – from macro to micro level.



Reverberating Silence





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