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Ridhhi on a quest

Author Name: Manisha Saroha | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

"Ridhhi on a Quest" is a captivating children's book, serving as a value-based storybook for kids above age of 6. This delightful collection of short stories follows Ridhhi, an 8-year-old girl, as she embarks on magical adventures spanning both medieval and modern times. Through vibrant illustrations and enchanting storytelling, young readers are immersed in Ridhhi's world, where they discover the transformative power of self-assurance, acceptance, generosity, and resilience. Each tale focuses on character development and imparts positive values, empowering children with valuable life lessons. This educational and inspiring bedtime storybook for girls and boys alike ignites the imagination, leaving them eager for the next magical adventure.

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Manisha Saroha

Manisha Saroha is a passionate children's book author and a devoted mother to a vibrant 7-year-old girl. With 10 years of experience working as a counsellor and teacher, she has developed a profound understanding of children and parents, inspiring her to write for children. Her storytelling talents and her counsellor background allow her to craft relatable narratives that resonate with young hearts and minds.

Having witnessed children's incredible resilience, curiosity, and creativity throughout her career, Manisha is driven to create stories that captivate and inspire. Drawing from her expertise in counselling and teaching, she addresses important topics such as friendship, self-esteem, and problem-solving in a relatable and accessible manner. Her goal is to empower children to navigate the challenges of growing up with confidence and resilience.

Manisha believes in the transformative power of stories to shape a child's worldview, ignite their imagination, and instil values that will guide them throughout their lives. She is passionate about fostering a love for reading and aims to positively impact young readers by offering them entertaining, educational, and inspiring stories.

When she's not writing or spending quality time with her daughter, Manisha enjoys exploring nature, discovering new books, and finding inspiration in the simple wonders of life. With her book, she embarks on a journey to touch the lives of children and parents alike, bringing the magic of storytelling to countless homes.