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Rishi Intelligence

Author Name: Ravi Singh Choudhary | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

Ravi Singh Choudhary has a natural gift for explaining things in a simple and crisp manner.  A gift that is of crucial importance in bringing out the wisdom of Hindu Rishis. This wisdom has layers of space (geography) and time (antiquity). To separate this wisdom from wasteful speculations is not an easy task. Ravi has been successful in this endeavor because of his close connection with nature and his success in keeping himself away from the snobbery of puerile and clueless discussion of academia.

Grab this book. Read it and re-read it.  Apply it in your area of profession.  Experience the effects first-hand.

Nilesh Nilkanth Oak-

Author, Speaker, Researcher, TEDx speaker, UAA-ICT Distinguished Alumnus, Who's Who in American Universities & Colleges, Scientific dating of Indian epics

In our quest for Vishwaguru, it is insufficient to merely recount tales of being pioneers in numerous fields. Mere antiquity of our civilization does not automatically confer greatness upon it. True greatness should be rooted in fundamental principles, robust frameworks, progressive means of knowledge, and the quality of our institutions. Can we embark on cutting-edge research in Vedic science, resuming where we left off? It is time to shift our focus from lamenting the burning of books at Nalanda for a mere three months, and instead, channel our efforts towards preserving the remaining one crore manuscripts, not merely as relics of the past, but as living and vibrant subjects.

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Ravi Singh Choudhary

Ravi Singh Choudhary is author of the two books 'Krishi Sanhita' & 'Gau Sanhita' that are based on Vrikshayurveda and Pashu Ayurveda and has published a paper on 'Decolonisation of the mind'. Ravi is a Mechanical engineer by education and also works as Vice President in Unnmukt Urja that deals in Biomass energy. He has devoted his whole life to Bhartiya Darshan & exploring Ancient Sciences. He is in the national committee for the new syllabus and curriculum for 'BSc Agriculture Natural Farming'. He talks frequently on platforms like Sangam Talks. Earlier worked at HEC Ranchi as an engineer.



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