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Risk Factors in Breast Cancer Work on Preventing Recurrence

Author Name: Dr. Nanda Rajaneesh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

“Why me?” is a question that is frequently asked by breast cancer patients. While the easiest answer is bad luck; it is well known that the disease is multifactorial, with all these factors being interrelated. Although some of these factors are well-established, a vast majority of them remain unexplored. This ignited a desire to delve into the existing published literature and utilise personal clinical experience to identify all possible risk factors in breast cancer; among which easily manageable problems such as vitamin D, B12 deficiency, excessive weight gain and sedentary practices, consumption of hormones-enriched milk products and processed foods as well as a weak immune system have proven to cause a massive hormonal imbalance which has a huge impact on breast cancer development. 

This book highlights the correlation of such factors and the risk of acquiring breast cancer and focuses on utilising this knowledge to not only prevent new breast cancers in the general population but also prevent recurrences among existing breast cancer patients.

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Dr. Nanda Rajaneesh

Dr. Nanda Rajaneesh, an eminent surgeon endowed with rich and diverse experience and a distinguished academic record, has established herself as a specialist in breast surgery, minimal invasive gastrointestinal surgery (laparoscopy) and surgical oncology. She has acquired many degrees through extensive training in the surgical field at various national and international institutes. As a leader in the medical profession, she is extensively involved in treating breast cancers and bringing awareness to breast cancer prevention.

In her 20 years of extensive service, she has performed numerous surgeries, and her primary focus always remains on disease prevention and lifestyle management. Her approach to breast cancer involves understanding patient problems and counselling them to accept the various aspects related to breast cancer. She has many publications in indexed journals and held many positions in various surgical associations.

She is also the director of the foundation, Society for Prevention of Cancer (SPOC), which was primarily established to identify the risk factors and to not only prevent breast cancer in the general population but also to prevent recurrence among breast cancer patients. In this book, drawing on her clinical experience and existing literature, Dr. Nanda aims to identify these risk factors and prevent breast cancer.