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Rolling Stone

Author Name: Sumohan Banerjee | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

If life is a river, then we are rolling stones in it. Krish moves on like a rolling stone. He loves observing the things and life around him. He loves exploring rustic people living at the lap of nature. His obsession with observation makes him a vagabond in the way of life. He gets involved in different childish adventures. He gets friends and loses them too. In Lalpahari, he gets reunited with his childhood friend Nita who in turn falls in love with him, but he falls in love with Koli. What happened after that? Did the rolling stone lose its mobility? To explore the unknown but colorful rustic Indian life in pre-digital era, take a stroll with Krish, the rolling stone.

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Sumohan Banerjee

Sumohan Banerjee is an English teacher by profession. He taught different schools in India and abroad. He is a lover of nature, and the destruction of nature in any form hurts him. He loves to observe the life around him. He makes even the most common incident of human life memorable by his unique style of representation. It is a balanced mixture of fun, humor, and wit. Students love listening to him, and his readers love reading his books, but he never picks up his pen just to entertain them. Since he has something in mind to convey to his readers, he starts writing. He loves reading all types of books, and as a traveler, he is omnivorous in nature.