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Rourkela Days

Author Name: BIJU VASUDEVAN | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Little Raghu is by no means a perfect or goody-goody child. On the other hand, he is quite disreputable and a very cunning manipulator who lies, cheats and steals his way through life and is a bootlicking toady. Yet, the reader cannot help but fall in love with the little child. In Rourkela Days, we follow the exciting adventures of Little Raghu and his band of faithful friends, the ranks of which include Haathi, an elephant calf. Humorous to the point of being rip-roaring, the story unfolds itself out when the uninspiring and kind of eccentric child, Raghu, along with his friends, saves his city, Rourkela, from calamity, on more than one occasion. Read on to find out how?

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Biju Vasudevan is a critically and internationally acclaimed independent author from Rourkela and has seven books to his credit so far. He is a graduate mechanical engineer and is currently working as a general manager in the Coke Ovens Department of Rourkela Steel Plant. He is married to Jyothi Kishan and has two children, Arundhati and Venugopal. 

Many of his books like The Molecular Slaves and Yakshipuram have won him critical acclaim and rave reviews from critics and commentators all over the world. The eminent American literary magazine, Kirkus Magazine, compared his work, The Molecular Slaves, favorably with the legendary American satirist and humorist, Kurt Vonnegut. His book, Yakshipuram, has been described as ‘Kafkaesque’ or resembling the work of the famous German writer, Franz Kafka, by the Australian writer and critic, T.O. Smith.

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