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Sacred Mysteries Shedding Illusions off Religions

Author Name: Pramendra Srivastava | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

We say Satyamev Jayate because Asatya is buried under the debris of Politics and ignorance’s. Those good at splitting hairs be glib when it comes to religion and Politics. Piety becomes impiety and impiety the piety, as ‘Opinion Mafias’ award ‘Opinion Stars’ to manipulate masses at their own will. Does free will exist? Developing countries continues to be their slaves in every policy and practices, an old tactics. This book unearths the Sacred Mysteries in scriptures, esoteric mass manipulations, blind faith and Sciences that has not crossed the human minds. Section 1 decodes symbols, Section 2 explains 50+ pragmatic ways Gita applies to our lives, Section 3 challenges traditional faiths and beliefs in Hindus, Islam & Christianity: Be it Krtsna the complete Vs Krishna the Black, how Radha -Krtsna Raas Leela gave new breath to dying Hinduism, how Sanyasi of Mecca became warlord at Medina and how Musalam women Abducted by Abhira became Musalaman, with new found Kesh kingdom of Sumer, Mlechha the Meluhas, Arrata the Aryavarta, The unmanifest to manifest in Sanatan Dharma has stark similarities with Quantum Physics, and lot more. Section 4 explain Perfected visionary Kapil Muni’s Sankhya Karika whom Swami Vivekanand declared the greatest Psychologist, whose Satva, Rajas and Tamas concept stymies Freud's Id, Ego and Super Ego, and finally Section 5: Spiritual Psychotherapy by educating how human minds works amidst illusions in nature, a must for every normal being and corporates to train behaviors. Enjoy reading the discoveries, and rise from Bhaktiyog to Karmayog to Sankhyayog to Dhyanyog. 

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Pramendra Srivastava

Pramendra Srivastava, an Ex-IITK and IIML(NC) graduate with 30+ years’ Experience as NRI, wasn’t happy the way intellectual Indian scriptures have been marginalized in Bhaktiyog vanishing the Sankhya and science in them.  He presented the Logic of Srimad Bhagwad Gita and Sankhyakarika in 2019, and now the Sacred Mysteries deals with Science, Mumbo jumbo, and esoteric politics in religion. His vision includes Teaching spirituality in schools to avoid misuse of religions. Active minds cannot take religion by faith alone, they need logic and socio-psychological content that boosts one’s life and decision making. That’s what Indian scriptures do, in most Secular manner. Let’s discover our true identity and stop borrowing policies and practices from the west.



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