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Sacred Revenge : Violence + Noble Cause = Non-violence

Author Name: Manish Pandit 'kashyap' | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

At distance, while in the middle of the exchange of deadly blows, Nagbhatt stole glance at Rajdevi. For a moment, his heart quavered. However, seeing Rajdevi taking on Kapaliks with her sword he felt enthused with a renewed vigor. 

Though initially taken aback with Rajdevi’s devastating and aggressive break-out, Kapaliks were after all Kapaliks. They were not to give way to a woman. On the other hand, Rajdevi, no matter how belligerent she was in those moments was not to resist strong enough making Kapaliks flee the battle-scene. The few royal guards protecting Rajdevi had started falling one after another. At distance, Nagbhatt too had begun exhausting his strength in the face of heavy blows delivered by young-blooded Kapaliks. Through his eyes blurred with sweat, blood and tears, he saw faint glimpses of Rajdevi fight with the listlessness of a flickering flame against darkness closing upon it. 

Finally a deadly blow of sword and Nagbhatt fell like a grand light-tower collapses heralding the advances of darkness. Behind his drooping eyes flashed the fainting image of a warrior queen flaunting her sword to protect her modesty and the life of her child. Then, there was darkness and silence. A great warrior had departed for an eternal journey of life and death. 

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Manish Pandit 'kashyap'

Born in 1979 in Harda (M.P.) Manish Pandit is a professional teacher of english language and has been teaching the language at academic as well as at communicative level since 2005.
A commerce graduate, holder of a master degree in English Literature, a B.Ed.  and CTET certified teacher,  he is a voracious reader and loves history and mythology in particular. Sacred Revenge is his debut novel.
Currently he is serving as an English Teacher at St.Mary’s Co-ed School, Harda.
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