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Sanatan Dharma Ek Punah Vichar

Author Name: N K TAWAKLEY | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

Has science grown to the level that it can control nature? Or is nature all powerful? Are horoscopes to be believed?

Are Gods existing in the present times and controlling the world? Yes… read how? Are soul and reincarnation just a concept or reality? It's a reality… read how?

How sins committed by us corrupt our intelligence? How can very high levels of intelligence be achieved?

What is the scientific basis behind all the concepts in Hindu Religion and how are ALL the concepts in Hindu religion interrelated?

Till date, modern science has not been able to define Human intelligence. Read the Theory of four bits of intelligence as propounded by the author. Also how human intelligence can be developed to unprecedented levels not heard of by modern science but by basic tools present in the Hindu religion.


How even a layman can expand his wisdom and intelligence to very high levels through a step by step definite procedure as propounded by the author.

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Nutan Tawakley has been a science student and a qualified Engineering professional. He has also been studying ancient Indian texts for the last 43 years or so. Since the time he was a student he has had a bent in spiritualism as well as an inquisitive mind into the scientific basis for various concepts in the Hindu religion.

After studying almost 200 ancient Indian texts, the essence of his studies is that the real concepts in the Hindu religion have been completely forgotten and the real concepts in the Sanatan Dharma are actually aimed towards building a society with powerful intelligence and wisdom. It has been his discovery that the crux of all the ancient Indian texts and Sanatan Dharma is to take a human being to ever high levels of consciousness and superior intelligence. He has also given step by step procedure as to how this can be achieved.


He has established his claims by giving extensive direct references from many ancient Indian texts and modern scientific principles.