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Scale Up Your Trading Skills A Definitive Guide for Aspiring Stock Traders

Author Name: Govindarajan Muthusamypillai | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

--Benjamin Franklin


All humans in this world are endowed with the feeling of excitement, from the first day in school or college or office, first flight, first meeting with wife, the first sight of your newborn baby in the hospital, watching the first show on the first day of a movie starring your favorite movie star, et al. Excitement is all about the pleasant feeling of thrill that lies ahead but quietens later after experiencing it. Similar to it is gambling, where reasoning has no space to play except the play of luck. 

Luck is never perpetual in a rat race like stock trading, whereas trading with the rationale of reasoning is confidence-building. Anything in absence of pain is happiness. Happy investing in stock with knowledge of fundamentals is like driving a car with adequate training and knowledge of its basics. So, step into the field of excitement, understand the basics, leave aside the pain of being ignorant and start trading confidently. Build your own empire with a well-thought-out plan of investment.

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Govindarajan Muthusamypillai

Govindarajan Muthusamypillai, aged seventy-four, hailing from a middle-class family, is a retired officer, well-versed in banking operations, from a leading public sector bank in India. Appraising and analyzing high-value advances is the forte of the author. He is a voracious reader of all relevant economic, financial, business and political news for the past forty years, including stock market news for a few years. 

The pandemic has brought in a few positive features too and one among them is the maiden entry of lakhs of new traders in the stock market. Wondering how these new entrants, without adequate knowledge of trading, will face and survive the turbulences of the stock market is the prime factor that prompted the author to write this book. The book is the outcome of research done on various relevant materials collected from a few websites of trading platforms, in addition to the author`s own trading experience. The content is suggestive and to be taken as warnings that lie ahead while trading, just like a warning to a motorist to avoid a road that is under construction.