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Searching & Sorting for Coding Interviews With 100+ Interview questions

by Meenakshi & Kamal Rawat

Format: Paperback

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Searching & sorting algorithms form the back bone of coding acumen of developers. This book comprehensively covers

  • In-depth tutorial & analysis of all major algorithms and techniques used to search and sort across data structures.
  • All major variations of each algorithm (e.g. Ternary, Jump, Exponential, Interpolation are variations of Binary search).
  • 110 real coding interview questions as solved examples and unsolved problems.
  • Case studies of implementation of searching and sorting in language libraries.
  • Introduction to how questions are asked and expected to answer on online competitive coding and hiring platforms like hackerrank.com, codechef.com, etc.
  • Introduction to data structures.

Kamal Rawat is a software developer, trainer, author and an entrepreneur. He has first-hand experience of implementing full life cycle of large scale desktop, Cloud and Mobile applications across various domains and platforms.

He had been a technical architect in complex projects like Microsoft OneNote, Adobe Photoshop and Samsung GalaxyConnect. He has also been in the core interview panel of Microsoft, Adobe and many start-ups.

Since 2006, he is coaching students on how to crack programming interviews. Before leaving his job to pursue his passion full-time, Kamal was working as Senior SDE at Microsoft.

Meenakshi hold master’s degree in Computer science. She left her job and co-founded Ritambhara Technologies (www.ritambhara.in).

She maintains an amazing work-life balance, wearing multiple hats, be it head of a technical start-up, a certified yoga trainer or mother to two kids at home.

Problem-solving and optimizing comes naturally to her.



Searching & Sorting for Coding Interviews





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