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Shadow Aspects of Self and How I Healed

Author Name: Sushmita Choudhury | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

The Author, through this book, gives away a sneak - peek into the journey that she takes to elevate her consciousness from ego clinging to emotional detachment. As she awakens to embody and honor her inner power, she feels the need to share all that she goes through to break free from the cage of illusion. She intends to help with the tool one needs, to erase limiting beliefs that choke the human mind preventing a fruitful lifestyle. She highlights the traumas that one needs to know about.  From inner child issues to a karmic cycle of unresolved bloodline patterns, all that can act as the culprit of a burdensome life has been pooled here along with means on how to work with the shadows. One can as such release inner conflicts of the mind and walk towards freedom and happiness in all aspects of life -- this is what she has experienced. It is her generous effort to help humanity rise their consciousness to the concept of oneness.

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Sushmita Choudhury

The Author of the book (Sushmita Choudhury) is an awakened soul and a Holistic (Pranic) Healer, eagerly rendering her service to Humanity. Being an alumnus of the prestigious Gauhati - University, Assam, she holds a MA degree in English Literature and has an innate ability to pen soulful thoughts through her words and virtue. She is a free spirit and being born in the lap of the hilly vistas of North-eastern India, she finds recluse in Nature. She is also an adroit professional Counselor trained by CTAA (USA). Helping in healing troubled souls comes naturally to her and the book itself exemplifies her aspirations to help humanity raise their vibrations positively at large.  The persona shown through her literary expression exudes the divinity and magical blessings she attained as a soul.

She can be reached at and her Instagram handle is Cosmicchild7777.Sushmita.