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Shattering A Façade

Author Name: Ananya Goyal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

In the captivating pages of 'Shattering A Façade,' embark on a transformative journey that unfolds the poignant evolution of a soul. At the outset, a person stands isolated, a silhouette of shattered dreams and lost hopes. As the narrative weaves through the labyrinth of their existence, confusion becomes a constant companion, raising questions about the uncertain path that life might carve. Yet, amidst the labyrinth, a profound metamorphosis occurs. Through the twists and turns, the person discovers the essence of their being, a self-love that blooms like a resilient flower after a storm. 'Shattering A Façade ' is an anthology that beautifully captures the raw, authentic odyssey of finding oneself against the backdrop of life's unpredictable tapestry.

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Ananya Goyal

Ananya Goyal, an emerging Indian poet, currently navigates the corridors of academia while harbouring aspirations to delve into the realm of biology in the future. Her poetic journey commenced amidst the solitude of the Covid lockdown, finding solace and expression within the pages of her personal diary during moments of profound grief. As the world grappled with uncertainty, Ananya discovered the transformative power of poetry, utilizing this expressive medium to articulate her emotions. Within the verses of her work, readers will encounter a unique voice that has blossomed from the depths of personal reflection, offering an intimate glimpse into the soulful musings of a young poet on the cusp of self-discovery.