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Shiva - The Source of Life Skills

by KK Shanmukhan

Format: Paperback

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Like to enjoy a modern classic that would change your outlook altogether?

This book is the most ideal a tool.

A culmination of stories related to Lord Shiva and his devotees, Shiva - The Source of Life Skills, through the analysis of its episodes, events and characters, sheds light on various skills that would be immensely useful for any common man, working community at various levels, students, general readers, teachers and trainers.

This work will inculcate basic qualities essential to transform you into a complete man within, apart from teaching you the philosophy of the ancient wisdom of Vedic times.

Upholding the cultural values which are the desideratum of our current education system, this also helps you streamline your goals in life.

This book is a 'must read' for any soul seeking eternal peace and stress release.

Having served the corporate sector in key positions for 28 years, K.K. Shanmukhan rendered his services as HOD, Principal, Regional Director and Trainer to 4 leading B-Schools for 14 years.

He is the author of 24 published works, his magnum opus being Training - Why & How (foreword by Mr. TKA Nair, IAS, former Principal Secretary to the PM and preface by Mr. TN Seshan, IAS, former Chief Election Commissioner). He has also published more than 1000 articles in English and Malayalam in prominent dailies and periodicals, on education, art & culture, tourism and hospitality.

He has interviewed many great maestros of Indian classical music and dances.



Shiva - The Source of Life Skills





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