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Siddy stories a short stories collection

by Sudhir Sid

Format: Paperback

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Siddy stories is a collection of short stories from my facebook page "Sid to create smile". I feel that it is good to read stories from books and sharing the stories with friends is a fun. All my stories have only one intention that is to make you relax while reading the stories. Hope will look forward to read all my stories.

Sudhir D is a software engineer working in a startup at Hyderabad. He likes playing football, watching anime, photography and short filmmaking. He is from Vizag and he loves beach weather. He is calm and very friendly. He takes time to open up but once he is comfortable, you don’t want to miss his friendship. He started writing the story to make his friends to make them smile and soon it became a hobby for him. His message is anyone can dream and anyone can write, so start writing your story.



Siddy stories





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