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Silence of the Cicadas A romance-thriller novel

by M Ramesh

Format: Paperback

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Carefree, work-loving archaeologist Anand’s life takes a dramatic turn when he stumbles upon an ancient letter – written by an Englishman to the then Nawab of an Indian province. The letter apologises for a theft of the Nawab’s jewels – present whereabouts unknown – by the writer’s brother. Anand decides to take it up as his project. He has nothing to go by except the letter. But his brilliant, gorgeous girlfriend, Priya, is determined to see that her lover succeeds in his quest. Anand and Priya have to deal with the devil-incarnate, Imran, who is determined to stop them.

Aided by Priya and his archaeology guru, Professor Rao, Anand reaches a point where he is about to shake hands with success. Then, unexpected things begin to happen.

M. Ramesh is a Senior Deputy Editor with the Business Line newspaper, where he has been working since 1993. He writes extensively on a range of subjects, but specialises in energy, environment and climate change. In his spare time, he studies physics, theology and carnatic music. He lives with his family in Chennai.



Silence of the Cicadas





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