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Sillage An Anthology of Prose and Poems by

Author Name: Shrey Janardan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Sillage unravels the profound odyssey of life as seen through the eyes of the prodigious author Shrey Janardan, whose brilliance was extinguished too soon at the age of 17. This anthology, rich with powerful insights on love, loss, and existential dilemmas, positions Shrey among the luminous yet short-lived stars of literary history. Oscillating between the ephemeral and the eternal, the verses invite the reader into a reflective space where each word pulses with vitality and every line is charged with emotion. Did Shrey tap into a wellspring of universal wisdom or unearth some ethereal knowledge? Delve into Sillage to unearth the legacy of a young poet-philosopher whose work promises to inspire, move and resonate, long after the last page is turned.

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Shrey Janardan

Shrey Janardan (2005-2022) was a brilliant and promising young writer whose poignant writings explored love, loss and existential philosophy, with a depth that far surpassed his short worldly stint of seventeen years.

Born to an air force family, Shrey grew up criss-crossing India. A free-spirited, jolly and fun-loving boy, he possessed an innate ability for empathy and reflection, qualities that endeared him to form numerous deep relationships throughout his life.

Shrey shared a significant bond with "Starla" and wrote about the essence of love profoundly. Their connection went beyond ordinary teenage affections, touching the sublime, and left an indelible mark on his writings.

Vibrant, healthy, full of life and always in motion, Shrey's journey ended abruptly as he passed away quietly in his sleep on the night of June 7, 2022, in Bangalore. He had recently recovered from Covid-19 and had taken his vaccinations a month before.

His untimely death mirrors the fates of literary greats such as Keats and Kafka, who, like him, left this world too soon but left an enduring legacy through their penetrating exploration of the human condition.