Sizzling Soft Skills for Spectacular Success A Practical Guide on Personality Development

by P. Ameer Ali


Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book


1.Elevate your Ordinary Communication into Effective Communication.

2.Add a touch of excellence to your Interpersonal Skills.

3.Make your Analytical Ability sharp-focussed and result-oriented.

4.Help you master the Art of Learning.

5.Train you to reap more rewards from your Time Management Skills.

6.Bring you prosperous results from your Positive Thinking.

7.Help you Set the Goals and Get the Results.

8.Mould your Creative and Innovative Skills.

9.Improve your Personal Hygiene and Personal Grooming.

10.Unleash the incredible power of your Enthusiasm.

11.Annexure I: Common Mistakes in English and Their Corrections.

12.Annexure II: Do's and Don'ts for Successful Job Interviews

Overall, it could make you a Better You!

About the Author

Peermuhammad Ameer Ali is a rare blend of teaching, marketing, administration, HRM and training expertise. He has helped thousands of youngsters launch their professional careers in various fields. He is passionate about reading, writing and training. Some of his internet articles have won worldwide acclaim. He has done some original studies in the field of Soft Skills. He honestly feels that with proper training in Soft Skills, anyone can achieve any desired result in his/her chosen field. He confirms, developing Soft Skills is the surest way of developing one’s Personality for Success.

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