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Author Name: Banasmita Baruah | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

A journey of life with stoppages in variegated platforms covering different places in India and abroad namely Delhi, Meerut, Gujarat, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Dubai, Vienna and Uraba (Colombia) to name a few.

Bhoomi used to be Raghu, Abhaya as situation demanded. Couple of disguises are not without a purpose. To unearth, to restore, to rehabilitate and give solace to ‘once lost souls’, which have remained her prime mission to live life henceforth.

The protagonist, Bhoomi is undaunted, undeterred by life’s extreme challenges. Love defeats her, but remains undefeated and eventually wins the battle of life. Using lucid words in style, it is a whole lot of intelligible text. The readers are well aware of the presence of coronavirus during this course of the entire story, but its all-pervading influence is hardly visible throughout the pages, giving a sense of ‘life within life’ and a lesson that we need to survive even the deadly virus with a courage that is hitherto unknown.

Creating or portraying a life in words have been the most complex task ever. Delineating a slice of human Life is synonymous with making a newer face altogether unknown.

Life’s perfections and imperfections abound, but without allowing one to surpass the other, it enhances the beats of life in a way far more ennobling. Thinking varies from a shallow plane to a higher one, affixing multiple challenges. Life is nothing but an accumulation of experiences, a mixture of happy and poignant events, some so worth remembering that the remaining periods of life can be lived and relived, recollecting and recalling those beautiful hours of life.

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Banasmita Baruah

Banasmita Baruah grew up in the state of Assam, the gateway to North-East India where love reverberates binding the people around the globe into a harmonious whole. Her desire to see life in all forms has spirited her to be a writer. She can well portray, delineate life sketches with a competency that is hardly unsurpassable.

Her write-ups in Indian newspapers like ‘The Assam Tribune’ and in many Indian and international journals have never failed to captivate readers attention. Her writings are a microscopic study of society on general. She believes, every day is a new beginning, a process of assimilating new titbits of life. To her, work is synonymous with religion. Being a masters in English, post graduate in journalism and mass communication and also a pass out in Korean language from Hanyang University, South Korea; her learning process is indeed worth appreciable.

She is a social activist silently working to rehabilitate survivors of trafficking girls and women in India. Slum dwellers have simply showered their blessings for her untiring effort to give them an identity, a name on this earthly abode.



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