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Smoke among the Clouds

Author Name: Sanjeev Ganesh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

A new aircraft is launched.

Everybody was excited about its maiden flight.
People were gearing up for its take off and the crew was ready to fly it over the stratosphere.

Suddenly, the plane lost contact with the ATC while still in mid-air. The airport went chaotic and the media immediately jumped onto the scene asking various questions. Meanwhile, the government sent its naval fleets and Air Force to search for the plane in and around the Indian Ocean. Rough seas hinder the search party, and finally, it is discovered on the sea bed. When investigations begin, various questions pop up and various discoveries are made. But nothing seems to fit in and the puzzle keeps getting complicated. The investigators were confused as to what the real cause of the crash was. But they just knew that superstition was not the final answer. While the black box revealed some interesting facts, the chemical tests on various parts had another story to tell.

Will the investigators analyze the whole scene and solve the puzzle or will the smoke stand still?

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Sanjeev Ganesh

Sanjeev Ganesh or Sanju, as he is known to those close to him, is seventeen. Full of life and filled with fun, he likes to have his fingers in as many pies as possible. He has already authored a book – a spy thriller, and also writes poetry. He is an avid blogger.

He has a great memory and remembers whatever he reads or sees, rather vividly. This has enhanced his capacity to build a good plot for his stories. This book shows his narrative skills. Though he is a high school student, his command over the language, diction and skills in building up intricate plot and suspense shows his capacity to become a bestselling author.