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Software Project Health: An Epic Retold

by Paramu Kurumathur, PM Power Consulting

Format: Paperback

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Overall, “Software Project Health: An Epic Retold,” certainly fulfils its promise.  The core sections on engineering and execution excellence are particularly outstanding…

Ashok Soota, Executive Chairman, Happiest Minds Technologies

This book is a valuable contribution to the software project management literature. It addresses the need to fill the gap left by using metrics alone to manage a project…

Prof.S.Sadagopan, Director, IIIT, Bangalore

The author has intelligently used the characters of the Mahabharata to lucidly narrate the concepts of Software Project Health. Integrating Customer Connect and Engaged Management is novel…

Krishna Prasad, Director and Country Manager, AS&UX Segment, Aptiv India

“Software Project Health – An Epic Retold” has great insights from a real practitioner’s on-the-ground experiences. A must- read in the era of digital disruption.

L.Ravichandran, President and Chief Operating Officer, TechMahindra

Complex concepts and recipes for lasting success in project management have been made very easy by this excellent compilation from PM Power practitioners.

Ramakrishnan Sudarshanam, Divisional VP – IT, United Breweries Ltd


An epic is retold. The actors are familiar, but the roles are different. Arjuna is tormented by doubts about his capability to deliver the Kurukshetra program in a competition against the Kauravas. Krishna coaches and mentors him, helping him overcome his self-doubt. To deliver his program, Arjuna aspires to ensure the sustained “health” of his projects as opposed to the Kauravas who are approaching the challenge ready to cut all corners for short-term success.

Arjuna and Krishna, with a focus on means and not just the ends, together evolve a project health framework for effective delivery, assurance of outcomes and robust products. This is the story of their fascinating journey of discovery interacting with project teams and stakeholders to develop new perspectives in managing projects. The end result is a comprehensive set of project Vital Signs and their manifestations and a 360-degree assessment approach – a framework for early warning to address the not-uncommon syndrome of projects being “in the pink of health till yesterday, but in Intensive Care today.”

Paramu Kurumathur (Paramu) is an avid reader of business and technical books. He has been exposed to various project and program management approaches and different technologies over decades. He has been working in the international software services industry and global IT management since 1980.

 He is a keen traveler and has visited and stayed in around 40 countries.

His debut novel, The First Aryan, is in the process of being published by Penguin Random House.

Paramu is an alumnus of IIT, Madras. [B. Tech. (Aero. Engg.); M. Tech. (Comp. Sc.)]

His interests include project and program management, writing business books and novels, writing limericks and promoting humor as a way of life.



Software Project Health: An Epic Retold





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