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Solace x Moon

Author Name: Avni Arora | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

This debut poetry collection by Avni Arora contains all of the works written by the poet over the past two years.  Covering over six themes, the book displays all the emotions and imaginations that the heart and mind of this fifteen-year-old have got to offer. The poet has made an attempt at beautifying the natural phenomenon around us and symbolizing the indistinguishable similarity between the features of women and the elegance of nature in the section "Nature x Women". Being a teenager herself, the poet gives you a chance, through the "Growing up" section, to revisit the new freedom, responsibilities, and problems that come along with the age. The section, "Our People" contains personalized poems written by the poet for the people close to our hearts. If you're another writer, fascinated by the beauty of words, the "Poetry" section will encourage you to experience your love for words. The "Dismissal, Hope and Fate" section, showcases the poet's views on rejection and optimism. The school competitions allowed the poet to reevaluate her zeal for the nation and express it in the "Patriotism" section. 

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Avni Arora

Avni Arora is a fifteen-year-old, tenth-grade student from New Delhi, India, who is looking forward to pursuing further studies in medical sciences. Though words have always amused her since childhood, she started writing poetry in January 2021, at the age of thirteen. She started posting her work only from march 2021, on her Instagram handle @solace_x_moon (now changed to @avnarora). However, as she had to devote most of her time to studies, she quit posting online in November 2021. She wants this book to be her footprint in the poetic world before she goes off the grid for some time.