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Sovereign Servants - The Sending

Author Name: W. C. Jasper | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

In a perfect world, undefiled yet by the baneful touch of man, can mankind protect and preserve the Virgin Earth's maiden glory? What or who can protect this Virgin Earth from the inevitable corruption and wickedness of mankind that is doomed to defile and disfigure this perfect world?

An Epic Fantasy set in a prehistoric Earth.

A time when the earth was yet undefiled. A time of which no history remains.

A tale of destiny and purpose; told through scrolls of prophecy, action, emotion, drama, and a slowly unraveling, deep lore.

A King with a blameless character and rigidly upright moral compass; his younger brother, the Prince who looks at the world in shades of grey, but holds absolute devotion and obedience to his elder brother.

The elder brother, the Sceptre; the younger, the Sword. The righteous King, who stands on faith and hope. The sceptic Prince, whose faith lies in his sword; and hope, in vengeance.

What happens when a tiny kingdom has to face the threat of a full-scale war from the largest empire? How will this small nation engage this threat of seemingly insurmountable odds as they face an empire more than four times its size?

This fantasy epic wrapped in a slice of life telling indulges the readers in adventure, drama, and comedy. The detailed action and unique and fresh world-building with its vast range of diverse characters, unique world-building, and a fresh magic system are sure to be a treat for most readers.

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W. C. Jasper

Born and raised in the mean streets of Mumbai, Jasper turned to books and music for sanctuary at a very young age. With an out-of-control and overwhelmingly imaginative mind, the world of fantasy was pretty much his natural habitat since the age of five. With music and writing as the two major contenders among his endless list of “passions”, he would not have guessed that his first ever publicly distributed work would be in the literary world.

Five years after acquiring his Bachelor’s Degree in Management Studies, he managed to publish his very first novel at the age of 27 while working a day-job as a Content Writer. Jasper hopes to write many more fantasy stories that will open people’s minds to regain access to a higher realm which every human freely entered into as a child, but became incapable of accessing as they grew older and became bound by the dark magic of the adult world’s perceived limitations of “reality”. And he hopes to do this through stories that will also speak to readers at a vulnerably human level and deliver a message of inner-healing and restoration to our broken world.