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Sri Ramayana Epic Story as a Poetry

Author Name: Srirangam Ramesh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

Ramayana is the sky; Rama is in its blue,

All across the space, in the light of truth.

Ramayana is the cloud and Rama is the rain,

Of wisdom in life between pleasure and pain.

Ramayana is a river; Rama is the boat,

To float from banks of evil, to the divine shore.

Ramayana is the ocean with lessons in the deep,

Rama is the salt in the food that we eat.

Ramayana is the fire where Rama is the flame,

Burns the evil desire,’Ravana’ is the name.

In the wind of life, Ramayana is the breeze,

Where Rama is ‘virtue’- the air that we breathe.

The object of this work on ‘Ramayana’, is to place before the general reader, the leading story of the Epic in a poetic format. A simple style of expression is maintained to keep it attractive for the youngsters to read and comprehend easily.

This version is sufficient for the youngsters to be inspired to explore into the interpretations of the epic as given in many versions, in different languages by many poets and pundits of the past and scholars of the present and the future.

This version does not detail the Uttra Kanda which as per legend is not written by ‘Valmiki’ who has written the other parts. Rama’s coronation is the last part of Yuddha Kanda where we stop and stay.

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Srirangam Ramesh

Srirangam Ramesh, a Mechanical Engineer, successfully implemented wireless language labs in 250 schools and colleges across the country. He is a part of a research team that enhances the linguistic abilities of the first generation English learners using phrasal methodologies.

Srirangam Ramesh has authored Thirukkural, which was written by the Tamil saint poet Thiruvalluvar, deriving the meaning of the 1330 couplets in English and Tamil. He has also authored and voiced the works of the ancient lady saint, ‘Tamil’ poet, Auvvaiyar in his book Avvai Sonna Aram.

Srirangam Ramesh, whose mother tongue is Telugu, considers such literary works as enlightening resources that guide the society and mankind on ethics and values. With his passion to translate classical works in Indian languages, this book is another effort to depict the epic Ramayana in the form of poetry. This book is close to his heart for he is an ardent devotee of ‘Lord Rama’ - the hero of this book.