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Sri Swathi Tirunal’s Navaratri Kritis

Author Name: Nallan C Mohan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Music & Entertainment | Other Details

Sri Swathi Tirunal’s Navaratri Kritis is a unique book exclusively prepared for students and lovers of Carnatic music who like to learn the Navaratri Kritis in detail. The notations made by the author are easy to understand. In one of the quartets of Carnatic music, Swathi Tirunal composed 472 Kritis. Many of his compositions are yet to be explored. He was the only composer who could compose in multiple languages like Sanskrit, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and Hindi. He also invented many new ragas like Saranganatta, Lalita Panchamam, Mohana Kalyani Dvijavanti and Gopika Vasantam. He was the only South Indian Vagyekara who composed Bhajans, Drupad, Khyaal, Tappa and Tillanas. Harikatha was introduced by Swathi Tirunal. He also used Abhangas, Dinders and Chhands, which are in Marathi song formats. Swathi Tirunal was very sincerely devoted to Padmanabha Swami and Saraswathi Devi. The phrase ‘Padmanabha Sahodari’ was his Mudhra Charanam.

The Nine Gems of his Navaratri Kritis were among his best-known compositions, and he ensured that they are sung on all nine days of Navaratri. He introduced the ritual of bringing Saraswathi Devi’s idol from Padmanabhapuram to Travancore, accompanied by the idols of Lord Karthikeya and Goddess Munnotty Nanga. The lyrics of the nine Navaratri Kritis with meanings of the songs are exhibited brilliantly. 

This book offers you a glimpse of the life and history of Maharaja Swathi Tirunal and the stories of people who made a profound impact on the young king in his very short life. The wonderful paintings on the incidents of Swathi Tirunal’s life and the collection of photographs are the special attractions of the book.

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Nallan C Mohan

Nallan C Mohan is an experienced professional who served in top management positions across the globe, in oil and gas projects. He comes from a family of renowned classical musicians and freedom fighters. Mohan started learning the Veena and vocal singing from his parents, the illustrious Shri. N.C. Parthasarathi and Smt. N.C. Dwaraka Parthasarathi, and gurus like Shri. Chemmabai Vaithyanatha Bagavathar and Shri. Pallavi Narasimhulu Naidu, and the sitar from Shri. Khelkar. Mohan had performed at prominent music Sabhas until 1965. He has composed many songs and is a Vagyeyakara himself. As a tribute to his beloved mother, he invented a new raga, Dwarakamayi, and composed a song in it. Nallan Mohan learned the Santoor from a renowned musician in Tehran, during his assignment in Iran, and the Bulbul Tarang from his senior students at his engineering college. He has uploaded more than fifty videos on YouTube, which can also be viewed at

Mohan has published five books. This, his sixth book, is about Swathi Tirunal’s Navaratri Kritis, in English. His other books are Muthuswami Dikshitar’s Kamalamba Navavarna Kritis in three languages (English, Tamil and Telugu), with detailed notations; and a non-fiction book, Rewind Life and Times of an O&G Project Construction Engineer. Mohan has written a biography on his parents’ struggles and the Sabha politics that is ruining the growth of Carnatic music. His book, Pardwa – An Untold Story, was enjoyed by the readers. 

With his experience in music, Sri Swathi Tirunal’s Navaratri Kritis, with detailed notations, will be an asset for music students and fans of Carnatic music.



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