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SSB - Self Selection Board (GAME of OLQs)

Author Name: RUDRA | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

When any Service Selection Board (SSB) rejects a candidate, he isn't rejected by the board, but due to his insufficient self-preparation.

Do you know why the selection rate in SSB is low? It is because most candidates face SSB interviews without preparation and rely on some pattern learned through coaching. Remember, preparation and coaching are two different things. In self-preparation, you have your own refined and self-generated ideas, whereas, in coaching, you borrow ideas, myths and moreover, you become programmed or conditioned by others. Friends, SSB doesn't need originality, it wants you to know your own originality.

Self-preparation is the root of everything you want to do in life. Even the armed forces officers prepare for months before any sporting event or competition. Before any course, every officer undertakes pre-training or self-preparation of that course to get better grades, and you, being an aspirant who wishes to be like them, confronts SSB without any preparation.


This book doesn’t elaborate on SSB testing procedures, you can get that on Google too. This book, however, will give you ideas on how to polish your Officer-Like Qualities (OLQs), along with different examples involving girlfriends, sex, and life. It will refine your approach or skill to face all the tests put forth by the SSB, with newness.


Remember, SSB is called Service (Self) Selection Board because here, your selection entirely depends on your self-preparation.


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Rudra is a 34-year-old SSB mentor and motivational speaker. He has previously written a self-help book titled Awaken Yourself Within You, an Amazon best-seller, which has enlightened many candidates, and helped them in their SSB preparation and recommendations.


According to him, “What will you do by those feeling which you can't explain, or what will you do with that passion (Armed forces) which you can't live?”


As said for lovers, when the soul is ready, its mate will appear! Likewise, he believes that when an SSB candidate is well-prepared, recommendation will appear.


Remember, today’s preparation will lead you to your upcoming recommendation.